KPD e-News Release: Detectives Seeking Identity of Person of Interest in Motor Vehicle Theft Investigation

Kingsport Police Department

David Quillin, Chief of Police

200 Shelby Street • Kingsport, TN 37660

SUBJECT: Detectives Seeking Identity of Person of Interest in Motor Vehicle Theft Investigation
DATE: March 13, 2018
CASE #: 18-005255 (Auto Burglary)

18-005289 (Motor Vehicle Theft)

Kingsport Police Department Detectives are attempting to identify a person of interest in an ongoing investigation into the theft of a motor vehicle. On February 18, 2018 at around 12:00 Noon, a woman called Kingsport Police Patrol Officers to her residence at the Allandale Falls apartment complex, located at 1000 University Boulevard in Kingsport.

She said that she had left her vehicle unlocked while parked in the parking lot of the apartment complex overnight. She had also left a spare key to the vehicle in the center console. Sometime during the night, someone entered her unlocked vehicle, found the spare key, and drove her vehicle to the nearby McDonalds before returning it to the apartment complex. She noticed the next day that her vehicle had been moved. She found the McDonald’s receipt inside, and her spare key was missing.

The following night, the suspect(s) returned and apparently used the stolen key to take her vehicle on a second joy ride. Once again, the vehicle was mysteriously returned the same night and the spare key remained unaccounted for. This time a receipt from a Zoomerz convenience store, located on Fort Henry Drive, was left behind in the vehicle by the suspect(s).

Through further investigation by the K.P.D. Criminal Investigations Division, to include the review of surveillance video, Detectives have located footage of an unidentified white male individual who was believed to have been riding as a passenger in the stolen vehicle during one of the joy rides. Detectives have currently listed him as a person of interest and are attempting to learn his identity.

A photo of this person of interest is included in this release. Anyone who recognizes him is asked to contact the K.P.D. Criminal Investigations Division at 423-229-9429 or call Kingsport Central Dispatch at 423-246-9111.

Alternatively, if an individual who is able to supply information related to this or any other case wishes not to be identified, tips can be submitted anonymously via online “Citizen Feedback” forms available at the following link:

Finally, the Kingsport Police Department has issued multiple warnings, and would like to take this new opportunity to reemphasize, that leaving a vehicle unlocked is an inherently risky proposition in and of itself; however, leaving it unlocked with the keys in the vehicle is arguably asking for trouble and potentially even downright dangerous.

Anytime a vehicle is parked and unattended, the vehicle should be locked, all items of real or perceived value should be removed or at least hidden completely out of sight, and the keys should absolutely never, ever, be left in the vehicle.

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit

423-229-9433 (Desk) • 423-224-2786 (FAX)


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