KPD e-News Release: Kingsport Police Issue Warning Regarding Recent Spike in Green Dot Money Scams

Kingsport Police Department

200 Shelby Street • Kingsport, TN 37660 • 423-229-9433 (Desk) • 423-224-2786 (FAX)

SUBJECT: Kingsport Police Issue Warning Regarding Recent Spike in Green Dot Money Scams
DATE: January 19, 2015
On January 19, 2015, the Kingsport Police Department received numerous citizen complaints regarding a Green Dot Money scam. Several area residents had received phone calls from a scam artist throughout the day.

In the vast majority of incidents, the caller claimed to be “David Quillin” which is obviously the same name as the Kingsport Police Department’s Chief of Police. The suspect apparently believed that this name would be readily associated with local law enforcement.

The suspect advised his intended victims that they or someone they know (typically a relative) had missed court and/or jury duty and were subject to a fine of $500. Further instructions from the suspect directed the victim to obtain a Green Dot Money card to pay the alleged fine and to meet him at a specified location to deliver the card.

The Kingsport Police Department wishes to stress that this is without a doubt a scam. Under no circumstances would a representatives from a local court system ever call someone by phone to collect a fine for missing court and/or jury duty.

Many factors should help a targeted individual see through this scam. One factor is that these calls occurred on the Martin Luther King Day holiday, and the courts were closed. Another factor is that if, hypothetically, a representative were to call a citizen about missing court and/or jury duty, the call would not likely originate from the Chief of Police. Finally, anytime an individual receives an unsolicited telephone call asking for payment for any fine or services via Green Dot Money card, it is virtually always a scam.

Anyone who receives a call of this nature should report the incident to their local law enforcement agency immediately. Citizens are asked to make every effort to record conversations with the suspect and/or document the phone number from where the call originated.

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit

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