KPD e-News Release: Mother Arrested After Leaving Child Unattended in Vehicle

Kingsport Police Department

200 Shelby Street • Kingsport, TN 37660

ThomasMPatton • 423-229-9433 (Desk) • 423-224-2786 (FAX)

SUBJECT: Mother Arrested After Leaving Child Unattended in Vehicle
DATE: September 19, 2014
On September 17, 2014 at approximately 2:00 PM, Kingsport Police Patrol Officers were called to the parking lot of Ben Franklin Crafts, located at 1001 Waterman Road in Kingsport, in reference to a child being left unattended in a vehicle. The vehicle, a 1990 Toyota Camry, was parked to the side of the business. The vehicle was unlocked, with the keys in the ignition, and the engine was running. A one year old female child was in the back seat of the vehicle and no other individuals were in or around the vehicle.

A few minutes later, Kayla B. Egan who was the owner of the vehicle and mother of the child, exited the store and returned to her vehicle. She had with her a bag full of merchandise and another female child who was two years of age. Ms. Egan told the officers that her one year old child was sick and had fallen asleep, so she left her in the car, because she did not want to wake her. She acknowledged leaving her child unattended for approximately ten minutes; however, further investigation revealed that the time period in question was closer to 20-30 minutes.

Ms. Egan was arrested for Criminal Attempt to Commit Child Abuse, Neglect, or Endangerment and was transported to the Kingsport City Jail. The father of the two children was called to the scene to take custody of them.

The Kingsport Police Department wishes to take this opportunity to remind citizens that children should never be left in a vehicle unattended. There are countless examples across our nation of where this action has ended in tragedy. If the engine is running, a child could accidentally place the vehicle in gear sending it in motion, or the vehicle could be stolen with the child inside. If the engine is not running, the child is left defenseless to suffer the potential effects of extreme heat or cold. In short, nothing good can come from leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. It is dangerously irresponsible, and it is illegal.

Name Kayla B. Egan
Age Date of Birth 8/6/1992

22 Years of Age

Race/Gender White/Female
Residency 365 Browders Chapel Road

Hiltons, VA

Charge(s) Criminal Attempt to Commit Child Abuse, Neglect, or Endangerment

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit

2 thoughts on “KPD e-News Release: Mother Arrested After Leaving Child Unattended in Vehicle

  1. people such as that dont need any kids.

  2. What could be so important in a craft store to put your small child at risk? ? Children’s safety must be top priority always, no matter what. Be so very thankful your little one didn’t become a statistic.

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