KPD e-News Release: K.P.D. Promotion, Award, and Swearing-In Ceremony

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SUBJECT: K.P.D. Promotion, Award, and Swearing-In Ceremony
DATE: July 14, 2014
In keeping with longstanding law-enforcement tradition, on the afternoon of July 10, 2014, officers of the Kingsport Police Department and their families gathered in the Downtown Academic Village Auditorium to acknowledge and celebrate a variety of promotions, commendations, and new hires. Mayor Dennis Phillips, several Aldermen, newly appointed City Manager Jeff Fleming, and multiple members of the City of Kingsport’s Leadership Team, showed their support for the Kingsport Police Department by also being in attendance.

During the ceremony, several promotions that occurred in May and June of this year were formally recognized. Most of these promotions were a trickle down result of last year’s promotion of David Quillin to Chief of Police; however, two of the Lieutenant positions are as a result of department restructuring. The promotions include:

Jason Bellamy was promoted to the rank of Major. Previously serving as Operations Captain, Major Bellamy will continue to serve as a key component of the K.P.D. Command Staff.

Mike Roark was promoted to the rank of Captain. Formerly supervising the Directed Patrol Unit and Special Events, Captain Roark will join the K.P.D. Command Staff, taking charge of the K.P.D. Operations Bureau.

David Moore was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Previously serving as a Patrol supervisor, Lieutenant Moore will continue to serve in the Patrol Division as a Watch Commander leading 3rd Platoon.

Randall Gore was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Formerly serving as a Patrol supervisor, Lieutenant Gore will command several Administrative Divisions of the department.

Chris Tincher was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. With extensive previous service in the Criminal Investigations Division, Lieutenant Tincher will now take command of the newly formed K.P.D. Professional Standards Unit.

John Blessing was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Previously serving in the Criminal Investigations Division, Sergeant Blessing will now supervise the department’s Quartermaster and Evidence Unit.

Randy Murray was promoted to the rank of Corporal. Formerly serving as a detective, Corporal Murray will continue to serve in the Criminal Investigations Division as a first line supervisor.

Several awards were also presented at the ceremony. These include:

COMMENDATION BAR—This award is presented to an officer who beings credit to himself/herself as well as the department. Sergeant Steve Hammonds received the Commendation Bar for successfully managing the K.P.D. Accreditation Unit through the last CALEA assessment period, earning the department Advanced Meritorious Accreditation.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL—This medal is awarded to officers who have rendered 25 years of faithful and productive service to the department. The following officers received this award:

• Deputy Chief Dale Phipps

• Captain Jenny Castle

• Lieutenant Tim Crawford

• Lieutenant Jerry Mowl

• Lieutenant Joe Valentine

• Sergeant Bryan Bishop

• Sergeant Joe Earles

• Sergeant Gerald Hurd

• Sergeant Frank Light

• Corporal Darla Anderson (retired)

• Corporal Kevin Kelly

• Officer Rick Marshall

MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL—This award is given to an officer who is distinguished by an act of exceptional meritorious achievement. Sergeant Frank Light and Corporal Randy Murray earned this medal for their roles in an extensive two-year homicide investigation that resulted in the arrest of the men responsible.

POLICE STAR—This medal is awarded to an officer, who in the intelligent performance of his or her duties, and while in imminent personal danger, performs an act of exceptional judgment, using skillful tactics, in order to diffuse an obviously dangerous and potentially deadly situation. Officer Jesse Griggs was awarded the Police Star for his arrest of an offender who suddenly and inexplicably turned violent during a seemingly routine arrest.

MEDAL OF MERIT—This medal is awarded to officers who, while in imminent danger, perform exceptional acts of heroism. The following officers received this award for their involvement in the apprehension of a violent offender:

• Lieutenant Jerry Robinson (retired)

• Lieutenant Joe Valentine

• Officer Brooke Bowers

• Officer Craig Dunworth

• Officer Justin Fleenor

• Officer Joe Moody

• Officer Larry Nunley

• Officer Matt Stewart

• Reserve Officer Weston Olmstead

Finally, two new officers, Abby Ford and Jonathan Dison, were officially sworn in. Both of these new additions bring vital previous law-enforcement experience to the table, with Officer Ford previously serving with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Dison previously serving with the Tavares, FL Police Department.

The ceremony concluded with all sworn officers in attendance reciting the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

The Kingsport Police Department wishes to congratulate all of the aforementioned officers for these recent achievements and thank them for their continued service.

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit

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