KPD e-News Release: Serial Stalking Suspect Arrested on Violation of Probation Warrant

Kingsport Police Department

200 Shelby Street • Kingsport, TN 37660

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SUBJECT: Serial Stalking Suspect Arrested on Violation of Probation Warrant
DATE: May 23, 2014
On May 22, 2014 at approximately 11:30 AM, Albert Joseph Toronjo was arrested by the Kingsport Police Department on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation. He is currently being held in the Kingsport City Jail with no eligibility for release on bond. Mr. Toronjo was previously arrested by the Kingsport Police Department in May 2013 for the offense of burglary; however, that charge was later reduced to theft and vandalism, and he was subsequently placed on probation.

On May 13, 2014, Mr. Toronjo was again arrested by the Kingsport Police Department, this time for two separate incidents of stalking. This arrest, compounded by other factors, resulted in the warrant being issued for violation of probation.

Roughly one week ago, the Kingsport Police Department notified area residents of an ongoing investigation into allegations of a serial stalker operating in the Kingsport area. To view this earlier release, please visit the link below:

The suspect’s identity was known to police as Albert Joseph Toronjo at the time; however, his name, along with specific details about his behavior, were deliberately withheld. This was done to protect the integrity of information received by law enforcement after the initial press release, which is an integral part of any successful prosecution.

As a direct result of that initial public notice, investigators have become aware of at least 50 new complainants involved in hundreds of previously unreported incidents or encounters with Mr. Toronjo. As a direct result of this investigation, police have identified at least 10 new prosecutable cases, and investigators are currently preparing case files for a Grand Jury review.

Some of the more serious allegations against Mr. Toronjo include theft, assault, stalking, phone harassment, attempted burglary, and rape. Although many of the other alleged incidents do not meet the minimum threshold of criminal activity, it is clearly evident that Mr. Toronjo’s behavior is often inappropriate at best, and can easily be classified as a general nuisance, breaching what most would consider normally accepted social behavior.

There is some indication that Mr. Toronjo engages in this behavior in a deliberate attempt to defraud families of their estates. Investigators have received information to suggest that Mr. Toronjo may use any or all of the following schemes:

1) Pose as a handyman looking for work and may in fact take some odd jobs like cleaning gutters

2) Use “Hire-it-Done Services” as a cover or ruse and advertise in local classifieds

3) Hand out informational flyers

4) Go door to door soliciting work, conversation, friendship, relationships

5) Drive through neighborhoods and makes unsolicited contact with the victims who may be working outside, walking their dog, etc.

6) Be very quick to be socially aggressive

7) Make sexual innuendos without provocation

8) Prey on victims who are women and who are often seniors, widowed, or otherwise single and living alone

9) Use public encounters such as garage/yard sales, shopping centers, classified ads, etc. to provide a platform or opportunity for initial contact with victims

10) Follow victims to their home

11) Sit in his vehicle and watch the victim(s) at their homes

12) Engage in persistent harassing behavior such as frequent drive-by’s and phone harassment

13) May “groom” his victims over time by building friendships or he may simply wear them down with persistent badgering

14) Slip drugs into the victim’s beverages just prior to a sexual assault

15) Research death notices, probate notices, etc. to find women who might be alone

There is also reason to believe that Mr. Toronjo may at times attempt to alter his appearance. The first included mug shot taken after yesterday’s arrest show’s him without a beard; however, he typically has a beard, so a second mug shot from his earlier arrest on May 13th is included as well.

The Kingsport Police Department wishes to stress that this is still very much an open and active investigation. Any additional victims of Mr. Toronjo’s past antics, who have not yet spoken with law enforcement officials are asked to contact Sgt. Steve Hammonds of the Kingsport Police Department (423-224-2411), Det. Terry Christian of the Kingsport Police Department (423-229-9474), or Det. Lt. Bobby Russell of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (423-279-7500) immediately, so their individual circumstances can be thoroughly investigated.

Name Albert Joseph Toronjo
Age Date of Birth 12/19/1950

63 Years of Age

Race/Gender White/Male
Residency 1608 Redwood Drive

Kingsport, TN

Charge(s) Arrested on Outstanding Warrant for Violation of Probation
Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit

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