KPD e-Press Release: K.P.D. Fielding Complaints Regarding Door to Door Solicitation

Kingsport Police Department

Press Release

Incident Information

Type of Incident K.P.D. Fielding Complaints Regarding Door to Door Solicitation
Date of Release October 15, 2013
Location of Incident City of Kingsport, TN

Company Information

Company Name Midwest Circulation, LLC
Company Location Cameron, Missouri
Better Business Bureau Link for this Company

Company Information

Company Name KLMN Readers, Inc.
Company Location Chesapeake, VA
Better Business Bureau Link for this Company

General Narrative

The Kingsport Police Department has fielded several recent complaints regarding door to door solicitation occurring in the area.

Over the past week, the Kingsport Police Department has been made aware of two different companies conducting door to door magazine sales in the Kingsport area. These companies are:

1) Midwest Circulation, LLC

2) KLMN Readers, Inc.

These companies have been conducting their local business unlawfully without the requisite city business permits.

Additionally, the business history of these two companies appears to be questionable. According to the Better Business Bureau, on a scale of A+ to F, both of these businesses have received the worst possible “F” rating. The Better Business Bureau website states that Midwest Circulation, LLC has received 151 complaints, and KLMN Readers, Inc. has received 175 complaints.

Links to the Better Business Bureau’s critiques of these two companies have been included in this release. Citizens are encouraged to research the history of any company before conducting business with that company.

Citizens are also asked to be aware that door to door solicitors may not be as harmless as they initially appear to be. While investigating local complaints on these two businesses, one of the door to door salesmen was arrested on an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction.

The Kingsport Police Department warns individuals to use caution when answering the door to people unknown to the resident. The resident is under no obligation to open the door to the visitor and is free to instruct the visitor to leave at any time.

Anyone who encounters a door to door solicitor is encouraged to exercise caution and contact the Kingsport Police Department if the salesperson is unable to show proof of a City of Kingsport Business Permit allowing door to door solicitation and/or if the individual refuses to leave when asked to do so.

Lastly, the Kingsport Police Department does not by any means wish to infer that there are not any law abiding organizations that conduct door to door sales for legitimate purposes. If a reputable organization with ethical business practices obtains the required permits, they are certainly free to conduct business in Kingsport.

For additional information, please contact:

P.I.O. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit


Releasing Officer P.I.O. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit

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