KPD e-Press Release: Citizens Honored with K.P.D. Commendation Certificates

Kingsport Police Department

Press Release

Event Information

Topic Citizens Honored with K.P.D. Commendation Certificates
Date of Event October 2, 2013
Location of Event Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting

225 West Center Street

Kingsport, TN

General Narrative

Five individuals have been presented with Citizen Commendation Certificates by the Kingsport Police Department.

On October 2, 2013, five citizens were honored by Chief of Police David Quillin and Mayor Dennis Phillips at a meeting of the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Each individual was presented with a Citizen Commendation Certificate and a Kingsport Police Department Challenge Coin to recognize their acts of valor during a recent fatal traffic crash.

During the presentation, Chief Quillin stated that their actions were “nothing short of heroic.”

These five men, pictured left to right in the included photograph are R. L. Williams, Brian K. Woliver, Chris G. Faber, Justin K. Addington, and Joe F. Erwin.

Each certificate read as follow:

“On September 14, 2013, at approximately 8:15 PM, a traffic crash occurred on Fort Henry Drive near South Street in the City of Kingsport when a northbound Acura RSX travelling 104 miles per hour crossed the center lane and struck a southbound Ford Expedition head-on. Upon impact, both vehicles were engulfed in flames. Without hesitation, five heroic citizens, including Justin K. Addington, Chris G. Faber, R. L. Williams, Brian K. Woliver, and Joe F. Erwin, who happened to be nearby, rushed to the scene and worked together in an effort to rescue the victims of the crash. While two individuals ultimately died as a result of this fiery crash, were it not for the prompt response and selfless action of these modern day Good Samaritans, more lives would likely have been lost. The Kingsport Police Department commends these brave citizens who placed their own well-being at risk to save the lives of complete strangers.”

Following the presentation, these gentlemen received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance.

For additional information, please contact:

Ptl. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit


Releasing Officer Ptl. Thomas M. Patton

K.P.D. Community Relations & Crime Prevention Unit

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